Organize  .  Protect  .  Share

In addition to the three biggest aspects of the program (Organize, Protect, Share), Secure Info IDs' features are further enhanced by the fact that it can and it should be used by individuals of all ages (1-100+ years old). Regardless of your gender, nationality or occupation Secure Info ID has to offer something for everyone.


Secure Info IDs' was created on a platform that it is easily customizable to meet all of your business needs. Whether you are running a medical office and would like for your patients to keep track of their records or you are a bank that would like to integrate Secure Info IDs' technology and convenience via smart chip with your credit cards. It can all be done!

Schools and high traffic areas where attendance keeping is a must can also benefit from Secure Infos' technology by using chip tracker 101. Imbedding chip tracker 101 in the SIID cards each attendee will be counted for as they walk in or out of the door. This technology can be further enhanced by pin point tracker which tells you exactly what classes were attended, how long the student or member remained at each location, where and when they exited the premises. In addition auto call can be programmed to call directly to the main point of contact and leave an automated message announcing that the student was tardy, skipped class, employees took longer lunch breaks than usual, went out to smoke too many times, etc.

It usually takes less than a week to build a platform that supports whatever running program your office relies on for data saving and another two to four days to be up and running. Integration of our software is so simple and flawless that you will not even realize it's there in the background doing what you would expect it to do - gathering the appropriate information to organize and protect while it is easily accessible by its barer and ready to share only what you deem necessary at any moment.

f you would like to learn more about setting up your business with Secure Info IDs' technology than click on the Contact link and enquire.