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We only store information that is necessary to respond to user enquiries. This is strictly limited to your Email Address and contact details.

The software does NOT transfer any information back to our website. We are NOT interested in your personal profile or surfing habits. We do NOT sell, rent or give personal information to any third party.

What information do I have to provide to Register?
If paying Online you will need to provide your payment details to the third party website which handles payments for us. This website will NOT pass your payment details to us, but will provide us with your contact details so we can send your Registration Code to you. If you post your payment directly to us you need to provide your email address so we can send out your Registration Code.

Where are my details stored?
Your details are encrypted in a file on your own PC, Flash Drive, C: Drive and/or network. The default folder is C:\ProgramFiles\SIID\corelib\, but you can specify its location and name when you create it. This file is protected by strong encryption and a Master Password (one password per user) which you determine.

Who has access to my accounts?
Only you have access to your accounts! Your Master Password (only password) protects your account details. Only this password can unlock your encrypted file. You should never give this password to anyone else and we recommend you memorize it and do not keep any written copies of it. When you logon to your accounts, SecureID will fill in the website's logon page with your details, just as you would normally do. The security of your details are then dependant on the website you are logging into. If you happen to forget your password than you will have to start from the beginning. You cannot reset your password. This is a security measure.

Does the software access your website?
No it does not.

What if I forget my Password?
If you forget your Password for safety purposes there is no way of recovering it. You must create a new account.

What is encryption?
Encryption involves the scrambling of data using mathematical formula. Only those who have the correct key can unscramble the data. The level of encryption is usually measured in terms of how long the key is. The longer the key, the longer it would take someone to break the encryption. The key length is measured in bits, for example 40-bit encryption or 128-bit encryption. For a 40-bit key there would be 1.099.511.627.776 possible combinations

What level of encryption does SecureID use?
Most banking websites use 128-bit encryption, which is currently the highest publicly available encryption for websites and web browsers. SecureID uses government approved, byte cipher AES 256 bit encryption. There are other important aspects of security besides encryption and SecureID provides various features to increase overall security.