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Secure Info ID lets you organize all of your personal and business data, protect it using Government approved AES 256 Bit encryption while sharing only the information you want - fast

What Information can I save on my ID - You can build your personal file by filling in the preset categories listed to right of the screen or by creating your own customized tab.

In addition to the preset tabs you can also import documents, movies, pictures, music and the like to be saved on to your Secure Info ID in a secure or public format.

How is my most important information protected - When saving your information you have two options;

Secured - Uses government approved AES 256 Bit encryption, twice as potent as credit card processing sites.
Unsecured - It allows you to share all of your information with whomever you hand the SIID card to.

What is the difference between the SIID download and the SIID Kit ?

The SIID Kit comes in a box with the software preloaded on a 2MB credit card sized USB along with a finger print strip.
The SIID download is designed to work on your computer and to be saved on your hard drive or a regular CD-Rom which can be easily accessed later from any computer without having to install the program.

How else will I benefit from using the SIID card?

In an emergency event (family/pet member is lost, loss of consciousness, etc.), the SIID card can be handed to the appropriate personnel where they will have access only to the information you saved in the public domain.

If you have a friend or co-worker that you need to send encrypted files via the internet... SIID will do just that and more, all a few clicks away.

  • Personal Info. (pictures, fingerprints, etc.)
  • Medical Info. (medical history, release form+)
  • Parents Info
  • Pet Info. (picture, paw print, etc.)
  • Customizable Phone Book (500+ contacts)
  • Insurance Info. (auto, health, home, boat+)
  • Credit Card Info. (multiple c. card profiles)
  • Passport Info.
  • School Info. (From day care to college+)
  • Other (photos, movies, music, notes, etc.)
SIID also comes with a
reminder for scheduling appointments, social
events, birthdays, etc.
To further customize your SIID there are 12 colors to choose from.
An Emergency Guide on what to do in case of an natural or biological disaster is also included.